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Friday, September 15, 2006


I was going to reply to a comment, but it ended up rather lengthy so I figgered I would go ahead and make a post instead.
In response to this post,
the ephemerist said...

Can I like your site and disagree with something in it? Or are we too polarized and intolerant for that? I trust not. I'll bite on the cheese and put myself in the class of "libtard and hippie," just for the sake or argument. But it don't mean shit. I worked in Barry Goldwater's campaign. Saw him. Loved him. Still do. Also worked in McGovern's and Carter's campaigns. But I don't accept that ignorance is bliss about anything. If it is, it's a false bliss. A denial. Ignorance of what? People picture the 1950s as an "ignorance is bliss" era. It's all a feckin illusion. Whatever. What would the opposite of a libtard be, anyway? A Limbturd? A Contard? Just wondrin' -- not that any of these labels will serve any useful purpose. (Why are most pro-lifers not pro-life when it comes to the death penalty?)

"Can I like your site and disagree with something in it?"
Abso-fucking-lutely. I am not so intolerant or polarized that I would dismiss anyone without analysing it first. I welcome differing opinions. It forces me to think and clarify.

Anyway, by 'Limbturd', I'm guessing you mean Rush. I have yet to hear or see one of his shows so I don't know what he's all about.
What I do know though, is the pattern I've seen of extreme liberalism or blissful hippi-ism (is that a word) ends up being totally anti-administration, anti-gun, anti-smoking, anti-anything-that-could-remotely-offend-me or "The Children®". They have gone overboard in thinking they can fix all ills by forcing everyone else to adhere to their ideals and assuming control of their environment.

Don't like smoking? Pass a law banning it. After all, it's better for everyone, no? It doesn't matter that it's the smokers' choice. We'll decide what's better for them.
Don't like guns? Ban them out of existence. Can't have those damn things randomly going off and killing people. And if they're illegal, no one will use them, right?
Don't like gas prices? Well, we can't force Bambi to walk underneath a big pipe in Alasks when we can buy all we want from the middle east.
Don't like the president? Bitch and groan and piss and moan about how he fucked up the country. Forget the little part about how it takes more than one person to pass a law, enact a policy or declare war.

But 'the ephemerist', you seem to be a sensible rather than extremist liberal. That's a rarity. I welcome you and hope you return. Also, I like your writing so I had to add you to my blogroll.

As for: "(Why are most pro-lifers not pro-life when it comes to the death penalty?)"
Again, they know what's best for everyone, right?


Anonymous said...

Rush fans call themselves ditto-heads.

Consider yourself enlightened.

curmudgeon said...

Just what I need.
I think I'll skip the show then.