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Friday, September 22, 2006


Do they have bowling in Russia?
How about other countries?

Just curious.


Anonymous said...

You should never have balls near your teeth.

Steven Novak said...

Dear god I hope not....

It's bad enough we've got it here in the states. Why should that diease be spread to the rest of the world?


curmudgeon said...

It's the decay of civilization as we know it.

tl said...

Australia and Indonesia have both been afflicted.

curmudgeon said...

Australia don't surprise me. Indonesia now, hmm.
How about England? I'm sure they have bowling lanes.

Peggasus said...

Oh, c'mon now!

Bowling, where the drink of choice to hydrate is BEER?

Bowling, a 'sport,' where being overweight is obstensibly a good thing, i.e.; more hurling power behind the ball?

Bowling, where you can also play a poker hand as part of the game? Or three.

Bowling, a 'sport' where ball jokes are not only a dime a dozen, but welcome?

I'm surprised at you. Bowling is the Great Equalizer, and a 'sport' that not only are preppy golf types not good at, but hate becuse they don't have the skills to compete.

My skillz are mediocre at both games, so I can talk about it like this. (Bowling average: 139. Golf handicap: 17. For nine holes.)

curmudgeon said...

Bowling is okay, but I have to say, golf is much better.

But here's my biggest bitch about bowling: Of all the sports on teevee, bowling is the worst to watch.
"Uh, d'ya think he's going to get a strike or a spare this time? Oh! A spare! D'ya think he's going to go for that 10-pin? Yup. He did."