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Friday, September 08, 2006

Today's WTF?

So I go to the quickie mart during lunch to make a small purchase. The total comes to $1.08. I have no change in my pocket, and there are about 50 pennies in the ole' "Need a penny? Take a penny" jar located there on the counter. I usually put in my spare pennies and take them when I need them.

So I'm thinking that since I have no change in my pocket and a five-dollar bill in my hand, i would go ahead and save the 'friendly' cashier the trouble of counting up the change. I would simply take out eight pennies and give them and the fin to the cashier. So I said "Here, I'll just use these." As I reached for the eight shiny coins, Ms. Personality says "We don't take eight pennies. Only the three."
Huh? Uh, okay. So I gave her the fiver, put the pennies back and let her count out the change. The bitch.

Maybe I'm greedy. Whatever. Seemed rather silly to me though.
But, there are plenty of other quickie marts around. Like, one on every gawddamn corner. Others who have even spotted me ten, even twenty cents rather than have me break a bill. So those are the ones I'll be patronizing.
And no, it's not that I'm cheap, its the priciple. The principle of treating your customers like you appreciate their business. After all, there are plenty of other options for them.

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