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Thursday, September 21, 2006

No Shit?

Health Tip: Be Careful Cleaning With Bleach :

HealthDay - 2 hours, 14 minutes ago Avg. Rating: 5.0

(HealthDay News) -- Although bleach and bleach-based cleaners are an effective way to kill germs, the fumes can irritate the lungs. In poorly ventilated areas, cleaning with bleach can even cause lung damage.
  • Never mix bleach with ammonia, as the combination produces toxic fumes that can damage the lungs.
  • People with asthma, heart disease or lung problems should avoid cleaning with bleach, as the fumes can further irritate the lungs.
  • If you are cleaning with bleach, be sure the area is well-ventilated.
  • Be careful with products that have added fragrances -- the fumes are only masked and can still be toxic.
  • Bleach should never be mixed with toilet bowl cleaner or rust remover, as these combinations can produce toxic fumes.
Everyone should already know these things, yet still have to be told.
But in the interest of safety and your well-being, I will go ahead and add a few of my own safety tips for using bleach:
  • Never add bleach to gasoline. It is an ineffective additive for producing improved mileage in your car. Any at all will most likely cause engine damage.
  • Never mix bleach with alcohol. The taste should be a strong enough deterrent, but like Prestone, it is still unsafe to consume as a beverage.
  • You should never use bleach to clean your eyes after vewing a distasteful picture or sight. The beer goggles may be functioning perfectly around 2 or 3 a.m., but after awaking at 10 a.m. or later when the effectiveness of the goggles has worn off, it is suggested you cleanse the mind rather than the eyes of the prior nights' memories.
  • Never use bleach as a substitute for Listerine. Again, the taste should be a strong enough deterrent, but should the temptation arise Lysol or Pine Sol would probably be a better alternative.
  • Bleach should never be used as a douche or enema. It could be ingested by your lover causing illnes, or it could get into their eyes causing irreversible damage or loss of attention span. Regurgitation or blindness while having sex is usually an undesirable side effect of contact with bleach.
If you keep these few points in mind, you should have a safe and wonderful day.


Brad said...

Hmm... where have I seen something like this before? :-)

Oh yeah!

On a related note, I did learn something new, recently. The guy who's building my house had to clean a drain that his workers had been pissing into (don't ask). He wanted to clean it well, so he used bleach. Apparently, urine has enough urea (read: ammonia) to give you those same toxic fumes. Needless to say, my builder nearly passed out when he dumped the bleach into the drain.

So there you have it. Don't mix bleach with urine.

Kirsten N. Namskau said...

oh gosh... All this...Well, it's always youngsters growing adults, who didn't know. Good knowledge to be repeted from time to time.

Susan as herself said...

So I take it I should NOT be soaking my contact lenses in bleach every night?

Damn. I really liked how it brightened the whites of my eyes without fading the colored parts.

curmudgeon said...

Yes, I recall that post. It made me giggle.
Almost spewed bleach on my monitor.

Although it's usually adults who screw it up.

Well, if it works, who am I to say?

Steven Novak said...

Porn stars clean their asses with bleach.

I shit you not.


Anonymous said...

Bleach is bad for your teeth.

Anonymous said...

What an educational post. Thanks!

curmudgeon said...

Can't say as I blame them.
I still wouldn't use it as an enema.

Like I said, you shouldn't use it as a moutwash or gargle.

curmudgeon said...

And 'd', you're welcome. :)

tl said...

I worked well on a cat's ass. I havn't tried it on mine yet and after reading your cautions, I don't think I will.


curmudgeon said...

Better safe than sorry!

Hmm. Cats....

Jean said...

stop it, Dave!....leave the cats alone!!!