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Monday, September 11, 2006

Can You Hear Me Now?

From the AP:
This image provided by the Direction of Penal Centers of El Salvador shows an x-ray taken of one of four prisoners at a maximum security Salvadoran prison in Zacatecoluca, 35 miles southeast of the capital of El Salvador. Four cellular telephones were found in the intestines of as many prisoners in El Salvador's maximum-security prison, authorities said Wednesday, Sept. 6, 2006. The discovery happened Tuesday at the prison in Zacatecoluca after suspicious prison officials took x-rays of each of the prisoners, prison spokesman Jaime Villanova said. (AP Photo/Centros Penales)
Uh, yeah. You can keep your phone.


bfy said...

wonder if they had them set to vibrate

curmudgeon said...

Good chance of that!

Squid Vicious said...

I've never eaten a phone. I can't imagine how hard they must be to swallow.

"Can you hear me now?"

curmudgeon said...

Maybe he just taped it to his boyfriend's dick.

curmudgeon said...

Or maybe he was just talking too loud on it and someone expressed their disdain.