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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Woman dragged behind vehicle near Denver - Yahoo! News

Again from the "Don't piss me off, bitch." department, in addition to this previous post we have this article:
Woman dragged behind vehicle near Denver:

By KIM NGUYEN, Associated Press Writer Tue Sep 19, 9:12 PM ET

DENVER - A woman was tied to a vehicle with a rope and dragged through suburban streets in a gruesome crime that left a trail of blood more than a mile long, police said.
Sick I tell you.


Just D said...


Anonymous said...

When they catch the bastards who did this they should send them to me. I keep a tow rope in the car and would be happy to dole out some eye-for-an-eye justice.

Steven Novak said...

If it had been a horse and buggy that dragged her I would have said they were bringing back the classics.

Ooh...that was just wrong....I'm sorry... ;)


curmudgeon said...

I'm with you on that.

You're sick. But I'm twisted enough that I laughed anyway. :)

rachel said...

Hey, big surprise, the guy with the tow rope was believed to be an illegal immigrant from Mexico.

Just doing the jobs Americans won't do...

curmudgeon said...


Yeah, I read that.
I'm sure the ACLU will be all over defending him now.