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Tuesday, September 26, 2006


New Orleans celebrates revitalized Superdome:

By Eileen O'Grady Tue Sep 26, 6:38 AM ET

NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - The Louisiana Superdome, a scene of misery, frustration and death in the days after Hurricane Katrina, came back to life on Monday as the New Orleans Saints took the field for what turned out to be much more than a football game.
Yeah, it was much more than a football games. It was a bonanza for the media.
All they could talk about is how having this stadium rebuilt was going to save the city.

Anyway, nice to know their priorities are with getting the football stadium built before the rest of the city. Now I don't expect housing to take priority, that won't happen. But I'm thinking that if they really want to draw the tourist dollar back into the Big Easy, they would try getting areas like the French Quarter (or whatever areas the hell it is people go to Nawlins to see) cleaned up and rebuilt before trying to draw big crowds back to the Superdome.

At least they have a nice new (rebuilt) storm cellar.


Squid Vicious said...

For me it will always be "THE POOPER DOME"...

curmudgeon said...

Works for me!