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Thursday, January 18, 2007


If I ever happen to accidently stumble upon another fucking Huffington Post blog, inanimate objects are going to go flying around the room. Good gawd-a-mighty. What a bunch of idiotic fucktards.

Don't bother clicking on the link unless you are prepared to be angry. If you don't get angry, you are:
  • A dope-smoking, granola munching, tree-hugging, crybaby hippy-libtard
  • Already brainwashed and it's too late
  • A fucking idiot
By clicking the link, you'll just get pissed like me, and your day will be ruined until you can calm the nerves enough to see through the red curtain covering your eyes.

What a pile of tripe. And they are actually serious!


Freddie said...

Life's short. Not clicking.

Mark said...

I clicked -- I'll be OK after a few shots of whiskey.


curmudgeon said...

Good choice.

I warned you.

Please. A good hard kick in the nuts if I ever do that again.

Scottsdale Girl said...

Ok I am now torn between clicking and not clicking...however after HAPPY HOUR with the dad at the treasured place, I am thinking. DON'T CLICK you drunkass!

vsqlsah - but in a normal font, thank you

curmudgeon said...

Don't go and ruin a good buzz!

Anonymous said...

Incredible. Especially the comment of:
"I remember three years ago when Saddam folded and let the inspectors in".....
Not only are these people stupid, but they're idiots as well.

curmudgeon said...

Amazing, eh?

Anonymous said...

Actually, Alan Dershowitz has an HP blog, and I think he's pretty damn cool, for a liberal that is.

The rest of them can kiss my Jewish yankee Brooklyn a$$.

curmudgeon said...

Well then. Maybe I'll check it out. If I puke, I can always close it I reckon.