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Friday, January 05, 2007

Was There No One Running Against Him?

From: NRA News:

If you're a football fan, as well as a gunowner, you may get a kick out of what happened to Mayor Ray Nagin before the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans. The media didn't air it, but my source in the Superdome that night confirms it.

During all the pre-game hoopla, a few dignitaries were introduced. The Presidents of both LSU and Notre Dame received the typical mild round of applause.

Then Ray Nagin was introduced to his hometown crowd. And they booed. Loudly. To quote my source, who was in the stadium, "It was a long, lusty boo."

This is the mayor who fled New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. Abandoned his constituents to spend his time sending out press releases from Baton Rouge.

This is the same Ray Nagin who called for confiscation of lawfully owned firearms, jeopardizing the lives of innocent victims who were trapped in his crippled city and easy prey for violent gangs and looters.

The same Ray Nagin who had previously tried to run America's firearms manufacturers out of business through frivolous lawsuits.

I'm glad the Sugar Bowl returned home to New Orleans this year, another indication of the remarkable comeback that city is making.

And, frankly, I was glad to hear there was no sugar there for Ray Nagin, even if the media didn't report it.

His constituents remember how he abandoned them and left them defenseless. They showed it at the Sugar Bowl. And that's what they didn't tell you today.
Okay, so tell me. I don't think I understand. Why was he re-elecetd?


Squid Vicious said...

That was the "Brown Sugar Bowl"...

Mark said...

He was re-elcted because he was the only black guy running for office.

That was easy. Please post more easy questions.


curmudgeon said...