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Thursday, October 25, 2007

California Wildfire Redux

So I hear all sorts of help is on the way to help with the disastrous fires in California. Red Cross, BLM firefighters, Forest Service, even spare firefighters from around the area. I also heard FEMA is on their way.

Of course there will be all sorts of comparisons to the Katrina disaster, such as how since these are rich white folks, federal aid will get there faster and do more. No surprise there.

I'm sure Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are sharpening their horns and polishing their hooves so they can pop up and start spouting racist bullshit of how the agencies are right on the ball this time since it isn't a bunch of po' folks' homes being destroyed.

Truth is, like I said before, not everyone there is rich white folks, stars, high payed athletes or whatever. Those people are staying in nice hotels or in one of their other homes somewhere safe and sound. No, a lot of the people there are plain old Joe's like many of us around the country. Those are the people needing the help.

What I haven't heard of just yet, are the opportunists or looters. Remember this guy?:

Of course, he may be packing bottled water instead of beer this time.



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