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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

News For Vegans

Plants Communicate to Warn Against Danger

LiveScience.com - Tue Oct 9, 9:35 AM ET Sent 863 times

Plants chatter amongst themselves to spread information, a lot like humans and other animals, new research suggests.
Think about that the next time you yank a defenseless carrot out of mother earth, or the next time you're chopping up an onion and it makes you shed tears.
It isn't the aroma from the onion causing those tears. No, it's the communication the onion is having with your subconscious mind about destroying that poor onion's life.



Grumpy said...

Whoever wrote that garbage should be able to tell us how to build a spaceship, for they sure as hell don't live on the same planet as I do.


curmudgeon said...

Yes, but it gives us such entertainment.

shoes said...

i thought i heard those delicious little bastards scream when i ate them

curmudgeon said...

You too, eh?