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Thursday, October 04, 2007


I would like to shake this guy's hand:
A Reno television station broadcast a story on Monday of a U.S. veteran, Jim Broussard, cutting down the U.S. flag flying above the bar and taking it away in protest of what the station reported was an illegal display of the flag.

"I took this flag down in honor of my country with a knife from the U.S. Army," Broussard told KRNV-TV.

"I'm not going to see this happen to my country," he said. "I want to see someone fight me for this flag."
Here's the story:
Flag of Mexico Flown Over U.S. Flag at Reno Business

Greg Knight, News 4

On Monday afternoon we received a call from a KRNV News 4 viewer who said a business near downtown Reno was flying a Mexican flag above an American flag... which is in fact illegal.

To read the relevant Federal law, please click here.

This, after photos and comments about the flag were posted on Craigslist this morning. When we were able to have a photographer go and check everything out we found the story to be true.

It also didn't take long before the situation provoked a strong reaction. If you click on the video link in this story we will show you , unedited, what happened.

Click on the video to see what our photographer caught live to tape.
Viewer Posted Comments... courtesy of www.krnv.com
I am disappointed at the reactions reflected here in these comments. I'm confident Jesus would have acted with more civility by asking the owner to correct the situation without a confrontation.

Many of the comments that I see here reflect a vengeful display of ignorance and intolerance exasperated by group-think, with all the restraint of compassion and forgiveness thrown out the door, then having the audacity to claim God is on their side.

God is not American.

From a www.krnv.com viewer, Ashburn, VA
Yeah, fuck you , you fucking dumbass. Just who the fuck do you think you are with your holier than thou name dropping bullshit. What the fuck makes you think you can read jeebus' mind?
Judgemental fuck.
Regarding "Flag of Mexico Flown Illegally Over Reno Business", things like this are starting to happen here in New York state.

Governor Spitzer wants illegal aliens to be able to get driving licenses without regard to their legal/illegal status.

HELP! Those of us who have to put up with all of the government bureaucracies for all of these years to keep us legal will not pertain to illegal aliens?

This is discrimination against US citizens and giving preferencial treatment to outsiders who are not supposed to be here (unless obtaining legal status).

Also, the strain will be on "legal", overburdened taxpayers to cover those who are illegal. Where will this all end? The disadvantages outweigh the advantages here.

Al Kresock, Johnson City, NY
I'm with you there bro.
The man who tore down the flag is a disgrace to this country.

How dare you people call him a hero. This type of pull-your-military-knife-out-and-challenge-obvious-pacifists-to-a-fight is the same attitude that has us in the terrible state of world affairs we are in.

Would it have been too much trouble to talk to these Hispanic gentlemen before violently slashing the flag down and leaving the Mexican flag on the ground? All intimidation.

I am a white American male and had no idea that it is illegal to fly a flag from another country above ours. I applaud the store owner for keeping his cool and not resorting to the same barbaric tactics. By supporting this veteran you are supporting an intolerant criminal.

Travis Widner, Portland, OR
Candy-assed libtard. Kneel before your oppressors and lick their fucking hand, pussy.
Oh, and fuck the store owner. He can go back to Mexico if he's not happy having OUR flag above his.
I believe the actions the American citizen did, was wrong in taking the Flag the way he did. I don't believe that it is necessary to be hostel when defending the Flag. If a law is broken it is the responsibility of the citizen to report it and let Law enforcement handle the situation.

In my mind this man was just looking for attention.

Congratulations to the owner for not acting in the same manner as the veteran did. I hope he presses charges on this man for also braking the law. Remember the law is the law.

Patricia Hernandez, Reno
Hmmm. Note the name. Stupid fucking spic. Yes. Let us all rely on law enforcement to take care of all of our problems.
This is the same law enforcement that releases rapists, murderers and druggies back on the street because our jails are too overcrowded.
I saw the news this morning and I congratulate you on showing a video of a vet tearing down the Mexican flag as it hung over the U.S. flag at a local business.

The law is the law. We all have to abide by it. It's about time someone took a stand.

Maybe we should picket at the courthouse and voice our displeasure over the ways things are going. We have to be politically correct and not offend anyone and yet we are stepped on and expected to do nothing.

I would love to shake that man's hand and thank him for standing up for America. Regardless of where we come from, we are all Americans. I accept it, why can't they? God Bless America.

James Smith, Reno viewer
Why can't they accept it? Because they don't don't want the to share the same responsibilities we have. They want to come here and make money but don't want to obey the laws and pay the same taxes. They prefer free medical and housing.
The gentlemen who took down the mexican flag should be honored for his patriotism and protecting our flag which was being used illegally. The owner of the bar who claims to be a citizen prefers mexico to America by his actions.

Maybe he needs to have his status checked and if here illegally, deported. Then your followup story had to do with more mexicans protesting.

To hell with them, close the border and finally build the fence that GW promised and has funded.

Eddie Lowenstein, Chatsworth, CA
With you too there Eddie.
I think this man is a hero!! I wish more people would step up and act instead sitting down and doing nothing.

Thank you to all of our veterans and enlisted forces.

Krissy Jonas, Sparks, NV
While I originally applauded the citizen and veteran of our military for correcting the flag issue in Reno yesterday, I am concerned about the impression of vigilante-ism the act will have on our society in general.

While a law was broken and needed to be corrected, I believe a less forceful means may have helped to build a bridge of understanding rather than the forceful act of destruction of private property that was exacted.

Perhaps a boycott and picketing of the establishment would have impacted this business owners operation, or a verbal discussion of the fact that he had broken the law would have been better.

Regardless of the owners intention, if individual citizens start taking law enforcement into their own hands, the brave men and women we expect to be the thin blue line between us and anarchy could be caught in the middle of an eventual firestorm.

Daniel Scinto, Reno, NV
The place should still be boycotted. No excuse for not knowing which flag went where. Hell, I learned that shit when I was eight years old. Don't try and tell me that fucking moron didn't know he was doing something wrong. I just don't buy it.
I support the veteran who removed the American flag with his knife.

They don't deserve to get it back after illegally placing the Mexican flag above ours. If charges are brought against the veteran for theft, I anticipate a firestorm of protest.

This is disgraceful!

Ralph Weir, Carson City
Fuck 'em. Let them try and take it.
I was so happy that someone finally decided to stand up for Americans. The way the hispanic community disgraces our flag is horrible.

Next time they decide to march at the federal building make sure immigation is there, because it's only the illegals that demonstrate.

I would love to meet that guy and shake his hand. God Bless Him.

Rebecca Walker, Reno
I think there is quite a line of people who would love to shake his hand.



Anonymous said...

Man, you need to delete all the comments from the assholes who don't appreciate what this vet did. I wouldn't let the bastards soil your web page with that shit. Reading some of those comments, my hand ached for my axe handle and my arm longed for the crunch of wood on bone. Let the whining little bastards set their own web page up to put that kind of shit on.

Pissed me off inordinately. f

curmudgeon said...

I stewed on it for a spell. Then I decided it was just as important to expose the jack-offs and their stupidity as it was the to post the praise.

GUYK said...

If he has or needs a legal defense fund I will be glad to do my part..hell, he can always plead insanity..the got damn Mexican drove him out of his mind

curmudgeon said...

Makes a sound defense I believe.