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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Ask The Curmudgeon

Yipee!!! It's time for another helpful hint from the wise Curmudgeon!
All the Signs Are There

DEAR CURMUDGEON: It seems that lately my fiancee and I can't stop arguing about petty things that invariably turn into huge rows. I had a problem with her allowing her cat to remain on the bed while we were trying to have some "private time."

I found a cat at the foot of the bed to be a mood killer. She blew up and said I wasn't considering the cat's feelings and that it was a person, too.

She tends to have a negative attitude about spending time with my family, acting like it's a chore. Never mind that my family is about as well-balanced and loving as they come; whereas, if you want to talk about a chore, there is always her alcoholic father and insane siblings.

She often shows a lack of respect that friends, both hers and mine, have pointed out. I stay with her in the hopes that things will get better and the arguments will stop, but at the same time a part of me doesn't want to gamble the rest of my life on the odds that she'll realize the error of her ways and suddenly stop blowing up over silly things.

Is this rational, or should I just cut my losses and enjoy the rest of my young-adult life pursuing greener pastures?

Andrew, Andrew Andrew. You should already know my opinion of cats by now. But to enlighten them what don't - what exactly the fuck, are you even doing in a house where a cat resides? Cats are the most useless annoyances anyone could ever have the misfortune of allowing into their home.

You should take a physical boot to the cat. You shouldn't have to put up with that thing and its evil stare while you're bobbing up and down on Miss PETA. If she don't like it, the bitch deserves the proverbial boot to the street for allowing the worm infested waste of beer money in her house.

And to think she allows that evil beast up on her bed? Let's put it this way, if she lets a cat on the bed, she'll let anything on the bed. No telling what other animal she's had up there before you.
Yeah, she my be an animal in the sack. Then again, maybe it's just that she prefers animals in the sack.



Jean said...

Now, Dave... you know I love cats.
BUT. That woman ain't right. No other critter of any kind should be on the bed during a couple's 'private time'.
Although, the guy who wrote this doesn't sound like much of a prize, either.

Freddie said...

Heh. Is this "Dear Mudge" thing gonna be a regular installment here?

I like it.

curmudgeon said...

Of course I know. I had you in the back of my mind whilst spouting off.
And I agree. Both sound like idiots.

I just may keep it up. It sort of entertains me. ;)

Feel free to throw ideas my way...

Jean said...

hehehe...thought so, you booger :)