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Monday, July 27, 2009

Life In A Desert Town

This fucking "Global Warming™" is about ready to piss me off. Pushing 112* (That's ONE HUNDRED AND FUCKING TWELVE to you non-desert folk) on the back patio yesterday, with rain clouds rolling around above, humid as hell.

You know, if AlGore hadn't invented the internet, there wouldn't be all this heat producing electrical equipment - servers, switches, routers, modems, batteries, computers, monitors - keeping everyone "on line". Any idea just how much all this shit - not to mention the A/C units required to cool them, heats up the planet?

AlGore caused his own problem now he wants us to quit driving SUV's to fix it.
What a dick.



Anonymous said...

That's pretty hot. I was driving around in the Nevada desert a few years ago with my son and my brother. It was all baked, seared hills but ever so often, there would be a big clump of shade trees and a white frame house in the shade. That wouldn't be so shabby. We passed through some town on an indian reservation though, and those folks were not very friendly. I guess they didn't want to share the desert with us.

Pique Oil said...

I will happily trade you some of our 2-8 celcius days.
But keep it between ourselves as we don't want anyone starting up a temperature trading scheme and taxing the shit out of us

curmudgeon said...

I reckon they like visitors to their neck of the woods about as much as you. ;)

Cold days you can add clothes. Hot days? There are only so many clothes you can take off.

Anonymous said...

115 down here tomorrow.

frosts <-- HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Linda Ray said...

Dayum... 112?!

curmudgeon said...

Lucky devil. I'm guessing it will be pretty close to that here.
frosts - BWAH!!!

Yup, and still 112 when I got home yesterday. It sucks.