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Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Speaking of food preparation, have you ever heard of Molecular Gastronomy? That's a new one on me.
But I reckon if you're going to practice this sort of cooking, you need to be a bit careful:

German Heston Blumenthal blows off both hands in liquid nitrogen kitchen accident

The 24-year-old chef was experimenting with a recipe involving liquid nitrogen, which is used by chefs including Heston Blumenthal to freeze food, when there was suddenly an "enormous explosion", according to a report in the Berliner Morgenpost.

The young man, from Stahnsdorf, near Berlin, lost one hand in the explosion, which occurred at his girlfriend's mother's house.

He was rushed to hospital, where his other hand was amputated and his condition was described as life threatening and he remained on artificial respiration.

He reportedly told police that he had been trying to fill a gas lighter, but his girlfriend said the man, who was a follower of the "molecular gastronomy" culinary school, had been trying to empty a canister of liquid nitrogen.

Molecular gastronomy, a culinary and scientific discipline, examines the physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking.

Liquid nitrogen is pure nitrogen in a liquid state at a very low temperature. Liquid nitrogen boils at -196C, and can cause rapid freezing when it comes into contact with living tissue. It can cause frostbite in humans.
Whatta maroon.

You know, if there is a way to fuck something up big time, someone is going to do it.



Hammer said...

On the cooking shows I see folks dumping huge pots of liquid nitrogen with just rubber gloves on...I knew someone was going to get messed up sooner or later.

curmudgeon said...

I've never seen that. Gee whiz.
I'm outta touch.