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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My, How Time Changes People

Remember Joyce DeWitt? I always thought she was a cutie:

If you don't remember her, let me refresh your memory. She used to be in the old teevee show "Three's Company" with Suzanne Sommers and John Ritter. I used to watch that stupid thing back in the day. Corny as hell, but then, most sit-coms are.

Anyway, seems she got busted for a D.U.I recently. Here's a mugshot:

My, my. Life's been 'good' to you, eh Joyce?



Hammer said...

Dawn wells looked much better when she got busted last year.

Jean said...

Much can be said for professional make-up and lighting. Much.

(as evidenced by my own profile pic ;-) )

curmudgeon said...

Maybe a little...

I reckon the cops spend their budget on glamor shot equipment in the drunk tank.
Although, I'm sure plenty of people have asked.

Anonymous said...

My Gawd! The Horror! The Horror!

curmudgeon said...

Quite a change, eh Hermit?

Anonymous said...

But it's a mugshot fer Christ's sake. Mugshots are like school yearbook pictures in that they never turn out good. Plus she's drink.

curmudgeon said...

She is? Really?