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Monday, July 13, 2009


To most people, it means "Ultimate Fighting Championship". In my case, means Unwitting Fucking Chump.

There were some people coming in from out of town, and so we thought we would have a get-together. Some of the folks who were invited already had plans to watch the 'big' bout, so we graciously volunteered to order the thing at our house on Pay Per View Saturday evening.

I figgered that being the 100th show and all, it may be worth watching. After all, I was told it wasn't as phony as WWE/WWF/Whatever-the-fuck that bullshit 'wrestling' organization calls itself.

What a waste of money. I knew there was a reason I had no interest in it. It sucks. It's boring as hell. I thought maybe that if they were given some fighting leeway, they would maybe fight. There was more rolling around on the mat hugging than anything else. Sure, there were a few decent punches, but for the most part it was just dull.

I hope I'm never subjected to that sort of torture again.



Hammer said...

I saw some highlights on ESPN and it seemed more like homo-erotic foreplay than fighting.

I have no interest in that crap either.

curmudgeon said...

Pretty much.