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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Big Flood

We Americans are usually quite helpful. As a nation and as individuals.
I don't mind helping out other countries when they're being stomped on by dictators, and I don't mind helping out when they get hit by an earthquake or a tsunami.

Now that our fellow Americans have been hit extremely hard along the gulf coast, it is time to help ourselves. Do what you can. Some may need money, some may need food or volunteers.

You can submit a secure donation here: American Red Cross
Or use your preferred charity, or you can do a Google for 'hurricane katrina relief' to find one if you're not sure who to use. Just make sure it's a well known and trusted charity, and make sure the donation specifically states where it is to be used.


Anonymous said...

If you are an American: You don't have a hair on your ass unless you help out.

Damned right I did.

curmudgeon said...

They have mine.