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Monday, August 29, 2005

Yellow Brick Road

Well, not a very inspiring blog today. Sorry. I've been busy. But let me tell you a little about my weekend.

Friday - Uneventful
Saturday - I decided to brew a batch of beer. I had purchased the recipe several months ago, and decided I would finally brew after slacking for so long.
So I start brewing - a hefeweisen partial mash. About halfway though the process I find out that my extract had gone to shit. Time to dump out not only the wort, but also the extract. So much for fine homemade beer.

Then, me and the missus were supposed to join up with some folks and listen to music at one of the casinos on the strip. They weren't meeting us until about 9 p.m., so we decide to go get ourselves some dinner first. It was a good meal. Jambalaya at Spagos in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. I would have that stuff again in a heartbeat.

We have dinner and call the people and they are on the way to meet up with us, so we make our way back to the Barbary Coast to listen to the tunes.
Now if you're not familiar with Las Vegas, lounge acts started out with the likes of The Rat Pack. They evolved into more modern music, dance bands and whatnot, with some good music like rock and roll mixed in occasionally.
Now it seems the only thing getting played is disco shit. I hate disco, and I was about to leave everyone sitting at the table, when the suggestion was made to go to Boulder Station and listen to 'Yellow Brick Road'. Now that's entertainment.

Those boys rocked! They play classic rock - things like Rush's 'Limelight', Van Halen's 'Eruption', Ozzy's 'Crazy Train'. You would never know it was a cover band just by listening. Very talented. Sounded just like the real thing.

So if:
  1. You like classic rock
  2. You live in or visit Las Vegas
  3. You want to see live music
  4. Get the chance
Go listen to Yellow Brick Road.

After that, we ate breakfast and got home about 4 in the morning. Hence...

Sunday - was pretty much a rest up day. But we had some people over for a BBQ that afternoon. Mmm, steaks on the grill.

Good weekend.


Patsy Darling said...

Oh Big Elvis performs at the Barbary Coast Tuesday-Friday like 3pm-6pm he's tremendous. So far the best and biggest Elvis impersonator I've ever seen.

As always... Rachael said...

Out until 4am? That's not very "curmudgeon-y"

curmudgeon said...

patsy darling,
As long as I have lived here, I have yet to see an Elvis impersonator. I guess I haven't quite lived a full life yet. :)

Not very typical either. I usually turn into a pumpkin by 10 or 11.