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Monday, August 29, 2005

Che-burger. Che-burger

Now this is some poetic justice.
From Roto-Reuters:
Che's family plans to fight use of famed photo

HAVANA (Reuters) - With his picture on rock band posters, baseball caps and women's lingerie, Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara is firmly entrenched in the capitalist consumer society that he died fighting to overturn.

The image of the Argentine-born guerrilla gazing sternly into the distance, long-hair tucked into a beret with a single star, has been an enduring 20th century pop icon.
The guy was an asshole, but for some reason, people with no clue proudly wear his picture on their T-shirt, buy a poster, whatever.
And now that it's all over the place, his family is bitching about how the picture has been exploited. I guess they're pissed because they haven't gotten a cut of the action.

Good. I hope they stop t from being used. He definitely don't deserve the recognition.

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