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Monday, August 01, 2005

Heee's Baaaack!

Well, I am sometimes a little grumpy. What can I say? But nothing pisses me off worse than some holier-than-thou maroon.

In reference to this post, Pittsley is spouting off again.
Frankly I find your behavior silly. I have merely asked a question, and I have received nothing but insults in return.
Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer.
If you were a teacher would you treat your students' questions with this type of contempt merely because you did not have an answer for them? Do you call your subordinates at work demeaning names when they bring up a point in your project development plans that has not been accounted for? I hope not.
No, I would not. But then they usually aren't trying to impress someone with how much thinking or daydreaming they can do, rather that they do have a legitimate question or problem as opposed to a bogus, wanna-be existential one.
On whether my education money was well-spent and whether I am an "idiot," I grant that I am not the sharpest pencil in the box. Nevertheless pointing out that fact without answering my question does not convince me of your intelligence nor does it engender my confidence in your education.
If there was a question deserving of an answer, I would have answered it.
What I am trying to point out when I ask this question is that the anti-Christian worldview cannot account for the distinction between reality and fiction. The Christian worldview can account for this distinction. I have explained this accounting on shoes' blog, so I won't do that again here. Please consider the reason that all heat and no light has proceeded from your end of the conversation.
As opposed to all aroma and ego from the bullshit on your end, with no actual fertilizer.
I want you to be able to answer my question and to stop lashing out at it because I want you to know the freedom which comes from embracing the Christian worldview.
So what you're saying here is Christian = enlightened whereas non-Christian = unenlightened.
Or more plainly, you seem to be implying that unless someone is a Christian, they can't possibly know the difference between reality and fiction.

Ah. The grass is always greener, and you're still a pompous, arrogant fuck. As are most 'born again' Chritians trying to preach the light to the 'unenlightened'.
Well Pittsley, I was raised Cristian. I don't need a textbook Christian to enlighten me. I have my beliefs, and I've had my teachings. But I'm not going to try to push them on to someone else, nor am I ever going to infer that because someone isn't a Christian they could never understand something.

When you have let a little air out of your overinflated ego, come back and visit. Until then, don't bore me with your meaningless tripe.

You damn kids stay the hell off my lawn!


shoes said...

wow am i glad i turned that psycho over to you. i was donr fighting, someone else had to carry that torch

curmudgeon said...

I'm sure the loser won't be coming around any more. I'm not worthy.

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