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Thursday, August 18, 2005

On War, The Bush Administration, And Carping

In a post by talldave:
Imagine if you had told someone in Jan 2003 the following:
"By August 2005, not only will the regime have been removed from power and its leaders be on trial, but Iraq will have held successful elections and be on the verge of approving a new constitution. Fewer than 2,000 American soldiers will have been killed by hostile fire, and resistance will be light, scattered and very unpopular among Iraqis."
You'd have been called delusionally optimistic. Now that situation is cause for despair. Of course, it doesn’t help we have certain Americans producing the same kind of anti-American propaganda the Tojo regime and the Nazis used to produce to demoralize Americans. And of course the institutions that produced the pro-American World War II propaganda (you know, the cute patriotic little toons of Mickey Mouse beating up Hitler, etc) were a terrible danger to our freedom (those warmongering fascist bastard cartoonists) and are now very defunct, because we’re much too enlightened for that kind of jingoism these days.

The good news for Iraqis is that Bush will be in office for 3 more years, and he’s not going to give an inch even if his approval rating drops to single digits. By then the Iraqis should have the situation pretty well under control, or at least as under control as it’s ever going to get.
Do yourself a favor and go read the whole thing.

Nope. OilStealingSonKillingBushHitler has accomplished nothing. Nothing at all.

Just remember one thing for me. The fact that it's an administration tells me that dubya is not acting alone, single-handedly in anything he does.
But he's where the buck stops, so he's on the receiving end of the pointed finger. I guess that's a job hazard.

Tip o' the lid to Jeff Goldstein.

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