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Monday, August 08, 2005

More On ANWR

So oil is over $63 per barrel now, and there are rumors of a gas shortage floating around.
We still haven't increased oil drilling or production of any sort here in the U.S., and we are still of course relying heavily on foreign oil.
Well, we either need to hurry up and kick Iraq's ass and steal their oil, or we really need to start producing more locally.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is still a prime candidate. Alaskans are for it for the most part, as it would help their economy.
But whacked out environmentalists (heavy on the mental) are still squawking about preserving this area in its pristine state so that all the wildlife there won't be disturbed.

So here's a little test. Look at the picture of a small section of ANWR below. Study it very carefully, and count how many different species of wildlife you see. Then give me a headcount of each species.

I don't see any either.

Now I'm not advocating destroying this area, I'm only saying that a ten acre drilling site on this chunk of land ain't shit. This is a tiny snippet of a huge expanse.
As an example, take a dime and place it on your screen at the base of those mountains. That's about the size of the area which will be used to reduce our reliance on foregin oil, if we even use that much.
That isn't going to disrupt the entire ecosystem of ANWR.


As always... Rachael said...

WE're not using it to reduce our reliance on foreign oil... that oil is going striaght to china (the way I hear it)... and we'll still get ours from the middle east.

No alaskan that i know is "for" this drilling project...

Anonymous said...

Look closer next time.

curmudgeon said...

The Alaskans I talked to were for it. They told me the consensus was that most were for it. That's the only reference I have. They may have been slanted. Who knows.
I'll not claim it as fact though.

Damn! You must have found another picture.