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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

A Riddle

What he said.

Q: Why did grieving Mom Cindy Sheehan cross the road?

A: To catch Michael Moore a chicken, so that the slovenly propagandist could deep fry the thing in pancake batter and lard, then eat it with a pound of potato salad and a tray of buttered Hawaiian-styled sweet rolls. The fat, opportunistic bastard.*

I could only add a couple "fuckhead" 's in there somewhere.


The Sloveignly Propogandist said...

Seriously, if I were to lose a son, or a daughter in combat the very first thing I would do is set up camp outside the president's residence, not honor their sacrifice. Really. I wouldn't mourn or anything, I'd just protest the war and yell f***k Bush! After all, we're not fighting for freedom or human dignity or anything like that, just dying and puking for nothing. Damn Bush.

curmudgeon said...

Yup, she accomplishes a lot by doing that.
Interviews, attention, probable book and movie deals, publicity,... all those good things the Iraq people have.