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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here It Comes

Again, from Yahoo:

High Schools Address the Cruelest Cut

"Olsson, a sophomore, wanted desperately to make the junior varsity, but he also wanted justification for a long list of sacrifices. His family had rearranged a trip to Sweden so he could participate in a preparatory soccer camp; he'd crawled out of bed at 5:30 a.m. for two weeks of camp and tryouts and forced down Raisin Bran; he'd sweated off five pounds and pulled his hamstring.

Finally, a coach walked by holding a list, and Olsson followed him into the high school. He walked back out two minutes later, his hands shoved deep into his pockets and his eyes locked on the ground.

'It felt,' he said later, 'like a punch in the stomach.'

For the first time this season, Severna Park Athletic Director Wayne Mook required his coaches to record running times and player evaluation grades, then hand in that paperwork to him. It is an arduous process that many coaches find tiresome, but Mook instituted it for a reason: After a player was cut from the girls' lacrosse team last spring, the family hired lawyers to meet with the school."
Hired lawyers because little Betty didn't make the cut? Christ. What fuckheads.
Those parents were probably spoiled little shits themselves when they were growing up. Probably had everything handed to them too.

So little Johnny gets cut from the team. Hey, that's life. There are a limited number of positions on any team and if you aren't good enough, well, you aren't good enough. Welcome to the real world.

But I suppose it won't be long before anyone who tries out for the team will have some position. Can't be hurting anyone's feelings now, can we.

Let's make sure everything is fair and balanced, and everyone gets a chance to play, even though they either don't have what it takes or didn't try as hard. They'll still get to participate.
But when little Johnny gets into the job world and has to compete in life, he's going to find out he don't get an opportunity to do what he wants just because he wants to. He's going to learn the hard way things aren't handed to you, and companies don't give a flying fuck about feelings.

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