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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Pen Pal Needed

Would you be my friend?

When you have an extra oh, 15 minutes or so, go watch this video and tell me if your blood don't boil.

If you don't have the time, here's a quick synopsis of the story she tells:
A woman, first-grade teacher, is getting ready for bed on night and in through the front door busts a man with a gun. He takes her money from her, then forces her into her car and takes her to an ATAM to get more money. He then drives her to an empty field, rapes her, then shoots her in the back three times. He takes off leaving her for dead, but she manages to get to a house in the distance where she is taken in by a former soldier and is saved.

This is the fucker that did it:

Name: Jamaal Turner
Inmate I.D.: #1117268

What’s up? My name’s Jamaal. I’m twenty-three years old and I am currently looking for a woman that I can communicate and connect to.
Like I connected with the woman I raped and shot three times.

Someone who is willing to become friends and can possibly later on down the line can build that friendship into a relationship.
A quick one. One that ends with a bullet in your belly. Well, two ... no, it was three. Well, four counting the one from my dick.

I really like women who are not afraid to say what’s on her mind. Someone who loves to express her feelings and enjoys voicing her opinions.

I like to talk about any and everything.
Like "Take your clothes off." And "Do you want to turn around before I shoot you?"

I love to read. Especially urban books.
And the numbers on the money I take from your purse and bank account.

The color of your skin does not matter to me at all.
It will be covered in red when I'm done with you.

Your personality, your character and the way you conduct yourself does.
Like when you lay on the ground sobbing.

It’s who you are, not what you are. Someone who is smart, beautiful, has a great sense of humor, and someone who is understanding.
Understand you're going to die bitch.

I have many goals in life that I have yet to accomplish.
Like getting paroled.

Many places I have not yet seen.

I like to travel, party, play basketball and enjoy life.
I travel from the cell to the yard every day.

If you’re curious, hit me up. Take a chance. What can it hurt.
No more than a stiff dick or a bullet.

Life is too short. Explore it. Enjoy every moment of it. One.
With any luck, he will get to 'enjoy' life a very long, long, looooong time for this fucker.

Prison is way to good for some people.

Hat tip: C&M


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