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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Bono Meets Bush

So I hear Bono met with President Bush at the Whitehouse.
Of course, him being a celebrity automatically makes him an idiot, so I ignore any sort of 'wisdom' he may try yo impart.
But he is trying to do some good I suppose. Trying to cure everyone of AIDS and poverty.

But personally, I think that if he really wanted to solve all these problems, rather than whining to our president, Canada's P.M., or England's leadership, he should have the balls to meet with the leaders of the countries suffering the most.

Let him meet with leaders on the African continent or South American continent and ask them why they're so corrupt and selfish. They have the money to fight disease, famine, poverty. They just keep it to themselves.


Crazy Politico said...

Saw a great cartoon about their meeting to discuss poverty. Bono says to Bush "you poor?" Bush's "no" Bono say's "fuck it lets eat".

curmudgeon said...

I would like to have seen that.