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Friday, October 21, 2005


Good gawd. I was cleaning out some of the shit in my keyboard.
I have stray bear hairs in there that are probably 5 years old.


Update: That was supposed to be beard, not bear.


Australopithecus_africanus said...

Bear? Really, I need to know.

Pooke said...

Well if that doesn't just leave a pleasant bear visual.

sdkfjalksdjf;asjfo;aiwo[02348t59q8304tuq[34ut90q384t9n8qb[09t08q[djifoijab0-er9ubgf=q34ut90uqb3049tu[034 (*cough*) (bear hairball) 209urqijioa'proqeargoiauodrigu987=19adkfjl;gf089-34891t8346134o6ijoirhgdfygp90aye498ty483234oihjto34hthiarogthq4898

grunt grunt gruuuuuuuunt

(and if that wasn't enough, you should see what blogger wants me to type in as the word verification!)

curmudgeon said...

Bear? I meant beard. Sorry.

And sorry for the verify thing. I hate it.
Pain in the ass.