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Friday, October 21, 2005

Chew On This

A few items to think about.

Item 1:
"A senior House Democrat said documents from Carnival Corp. show the cruise line company is making more money leasing ships to the U.S. government for Hurricane Katrina relief than it earns from their normal use, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday."
I don't blame Carnival for wanting to make a buck. And since they cancelled cruises by paying customers to give temporary housing to Katrina victims they need to somehow make up for the losses.
What I have an issue with is the gouging. Come on folks, you could at least cut the government a break.

Item 2:
"A defense lawyer in Saddam Hussein's mass murder trial has been found dead, his body dumped near a Baghdad mosque with two gunshots to the head, police and a top lawyers union official said Friday."
He's about the last person I would want to be going to court with right now for either defense or prosecution.
The way I see it, you're going to be dead either way, unless you can show up for work in a disguise.

Item 3:
"Does Vinnifer have the same ring to it as Brangelina? "
When is this cutesy shit of combining idiots' er, celebs' names going to go the fuck away? I could puke.

And finally,
Item 4:
"The woman charged with tossing her three sons into San Francisco Bay has been battling schizophrenia and once said she was going to feed the boys to the sharks, family members said.

Family members said Harris, who had been was hospitalized twice this year and had received outpatient psychiatric treatment, had made threats before. An aunt told the San Francisco Chronicle the threats had prompted the woman's mother to contact authorities, but others said they didn't think Harris would actually kill her children."
Exactly. They didn't think.
These kids remained in her custody - why?

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