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Friday, October 21, 2005


If you haven't read Queenie's blog, you simply must.
One of the best writers on these here interwebs, and always entertaining.
To wit:
He's downstairs now, sipping India tea with his pinky extended and watching the six-hour version of Pride and Prejudice. Meanwhile, I'm upstairs with a cold beer, cleaning our guns and watching Band of Brothers.
She cracks me up.

This being the halloween season, she also has quite the ghost story post....

Update: Dammit! I wanted it to pop, not take you away from me!


Queenie said...

Aww. Curmudgeon, you are too good to me. I'm just a bitter old hag with a hunt and peck fetish, really.

Kisses for being so dang sweet.

curmudgeon said...

I really missed that gap in posting.
Glad you're back at it!