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Thursday, October 27, 2005

A Day In The Life Of Albersons

So there I was in the checkout line yesterday after work.
I had stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few things for the Halloween hoe-down this weekend (Did I mention there is a Halloween party at our house saturday? Boo's, booze, brews and well, food, fun, friendship...), and the cashier - who was also the shift manager - kept glancing beyond me warily.
She finally asked one of the male cashiers to "Go check on Candy. She took off after a shoplifter. I wish she wouldn't do that. It makes me nervous."

Well, a few minutes passed, my order was paid for and I was on my out of the store when here comes Candy and the other cashier, wheeling in a grocery cart retrieved from the shoplifter. It contained a twin-pack of paper towels, and four liters of grape juice. What a haul.

The culprit: 'a little old lady'.

I don't know if there was a beat-down in the parking lot, or if they even bothered calling the law. But gee whiz woman. Would that have been worth the humiliation, inconvenience and fine money for a couple paper towels and some juice?

That probably wasn't her first offense either.

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