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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Brew Update

I sampled the Irish Ale over the weekend. Yes, I got impatient. It only had two weeks in the bottles/jugs, but that's the way I usually work. Two weeks, then sample.

I'm not disaapointed at all. It could use a little more time to mellow, but since I brewed it for the annual Halloween Hoe-down, it isn't going to get any older than that.

Anyway, it was nice and clear, rich coppery color with a decent head. A little sweet, with a hint of hops.
It is quite strong for an ale though, more like a barley wine. I'm guessing the alcohol content was no less than 10 or 11%.

I would compare the flavor with oh, maybe Newcastle, only not as rich.
All in all, quite palatable.

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