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Friday, December 22, 2006

Cat Fight!

The Donald and Rosie escalate their feud

Thu Dec 21, 5:23 PM ET

NEW YORK - Things got even uglier Thursday in the bitter war of words between Donald Trump and Rosie O'Donnell. The Donald called the Los Angeles-based morning show "Good Day L.A." to sound off on O'Donnell's remarks about his near-firing of Miss USA Tara Conner.

"Your news conference with Conner, whose title was in jeopardy because of underage drinking, annoyed me on a multitude of levels!".

"I think you're very attracted to Miss USA and want to put the crown on her head yourself."

"You're one of those, you know, snake oil salesmen in 'Little House on the Prairie.'"

"You are a very, very unattractive woman who really is a bully."
"Ultimately, you are a loser, and ultimately ("The View") will fail because of YOU!"

"Can't we just get along. I love you!"
"I love you too."

Okay, so I made that last part up, but oh well.


Anonymous said...

I never really liked The Donald all that much but I'm beginning to truly DESPISE Rosie.

curmudgeon said...

She is truly a ____. Yes, take your pick.