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Monday, December 04, 2006

We Will Not Be Assimilated!

Maricopa Mark refuses to cave to the whims of blogger, and has therefore made it impossible for me to comment on any posts at his new home.
If any of you are having any troubles posting comments there too, kindly scream post a little ditty here, would you?


Bitch With A Dick said...

Gee Golly, I'm soooo having a problem posting here!

fputuf to you too!

Anonymous said...

No problems for me, but I'm on beta. Wouldn't it be ironic if only the new beta people could comment?

I would have to laugh.

Anonymous said...

It's not Mark, dear. It is the internet these days. I have tried for 1/2 hour now to give an answer on YOUR blogg.
All the time I got the page: "Page not avaiable"

Natalia said...

I am confused about the whole blogger beta thing. I mean, so many people have done the transition but I am scared it will mess stuff up. *le sigh*


Anonymous said...

I think it's your browser cache. Maybe your browser. Could also be an operating system issue.

So, I don't really have any idea what's happening.

curmudgeon said...

Certain wordpress blogs and evidently blogsavy blogs I can't post to. Blogger 'normal' and blogger beta so far have been working for me.

Lee said...

Maybe they check whether or not your blog savvy before they let you comment.

And we all know Dave sucks at the internets.

curmudgeon said...

Other 'blogger' bloggers have been able to.
I'm guessing the sorry shit don't like my email address.

Anyway: Smart ass. ;)

Anonymous said...

Lee has pegged it again!