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Friday, December 15, 2006

Quote Of The Day

If, by chance, I would have had a mouthful of soda pop at the time, it definitely would have sprayed on my monitor, and posssibly dribbled out my nose.

In this post, shoes is talking about how Jeffrey Dahmer all of a sudden found God, as do most death row residents who are about to meet Him in person, as He points them toward the escalator traveling to the lower levels:
"roy radcliffe* said he never saw anyone so anxious to take communion......something about the body of christ is my guess."
Good gawdamighty shoes. That was a good chuckle there.

* Roy Ratcliff, is the Church of Christ minister who baptized Dahmer in prison.


~QZ~ said...

here's a quote for you from Jack Handey: "When Gary told me he found Jesus, I thought, We're RICH YaHOOOO, but it turned out to be something different"........

so, if i had a choice, i'd find him too, what do they have to lose...not mucho

curmudgeon said...

I like it!