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Thursday, December 07, 2006

My Brief Conversation With Vice President Dick Cheney

Curmudgeon: So Dick; can I call you "Dick"?

Cheney: Well, I...

Curmudgeon: So Dick, I hear your daughter's knocked up.

Cheney: Yes, she is.

Curmudgeon: What's the deal? She's a lesbo lesbian, right?

Cheney: That is correct.

Curmudgeon: Well, I thought you were all, conservative like. Anti-gay and all that.

Cheney: I support my daughter in her decisions...

Curmudgeon: Yeah, but how can you so calmly accept this new 'developement'?

Cheney: Like I said, even though I'm still quite conservative, I support my daughter and her decisions...

Curmudgeon: Okay, that's cool I guess. Man, I would love to hear some of the conversations you have at your family dinner table...

Cheney: Fuck it. I'm going hunting.


Mark said...

Turkey basters: There not just for turkeys anymore.

curmudgeon said...

I wonder which one used the baster?