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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Why liberals loathe Christmas

I read an article in my old home-town newspaper last night that put the liberal perspective on Christmas so eloquently that I just had to post it.

So here is the article in its entirety. Do yourself a favor and read it, pass it along, etc.:
Why liberals loathe Christmas


I came across a bumper sticker the other day while Christmas shopping that proudly proclaimed “Jesus was a liberal”. Of course, this gave me great pause. If Jesus was a liberal, you might as well forget Joseph. Jesus would have had two mommies. He certainly would not have advocated teaching a man to fish to eat for life, rather to give a man a fish each day because the man would never amount to anything anyway. According to liberals, Mary should have had the right to choose.

Why would liberals invoke the name of Jesus when they strive to take every reference to God, the Son and Holy Spirit out of the public eye, especially at Christmastime? Why seek to squelch, via the ACLU among others, one of the most significant Christian traditions in America, Christmas, and yet proclaim liberals are pro-values?

The answer lies, as always with the far left, in politics. Secular liberals abhor Christianity, and its biggest holiday which is on display for more than two months, precisely because it reminds them of what they are not – pro-values, pro-morals. They realize that 95 percent of Americans celebrate Christmas and that 90 percent recognize it as the birth of Jesus Christ, yet that pesky moral code that comes with Christmas and Christianity interferes with their liberal agenda.

Christmas represents a religion with a moral code. There are no exceptions for the “if it feels good, do it” liberal crowd. Self-absorption and instant gratification have no room when one centers his/her life around God, and not self. Nor does it give exception for the excuse that Hollywood continually pushes that “everyone is doing it, so it must be OK and normal” (i.e. adultery, out-of-wedlock births, promiscuity, etc). No one committing immoral behavior wants to be reminded that they are doing just that. Instead they seek to belittle the religion that requires a moral code, and elevate their own self-engineered code. How dare anyone define my morality, I define it the way I want to.

That pesky moral code also makes its way into other major tenets of liberal philosophy. Conservative Christians look to a higher authority, while liberals bow to government authority. According to Christians, with God all things are possible, but according to liberals, with bureaucrats all things are possible.

Instead of advocating accountability and self-responsibility, liberals decry these very things inherent to human dignity as mean-spirited. The free lunch trumps free will.

Christians are also pro-life and adamantly against abortion, the battle cry of the left. While Christians view life as sacred and a gift from God, liberals believe it inconvenient when they are too busy to take care of it, and convenient when they want to experiment with it in a petri dish. That pesky commandment Thou Shall Not Kill so embitters them, they rush to rid any public display of it and the other nine commandments.

Christmas trees, or “Holiday trees” as the PC left are now demanding everyone call them, do not offend liberals near as much as the nativity scene. The first Holy Family goes against everything the left is pushing these days, especially gay marriage.

Whereas the traditional family, consisting of the irreplaceable mother and father, is sacred among Christians, it is deemed unnecessary and trivial by the far left. Today’s liberal feminists deplore the role of men and fathers; Hollywood promotes marriage as nothing more than an annoying piece of paper and fathers as bumbling idiots.

Liberals can’t have it both ways. They can’t say that they possess Christian values, while voting for candidates who support same sex marriage and abortion. Straight and simple:

•God is for life: Liberals are for the culture of death through euthanasia and abortion.

•God is for marriage between one man and one woman: Liberals are for same sex marriage.

•God is for faith, liberty, and values: Liberals are for government control and handouts.

•God wants us to put Him first: Liberals are for putting themselves first.

•God sent his son, Jesus Christ, to earth wrapped in human flesh and we celebrate this on Christmas: Liberals don’t want to admit that there is a God because if it were true that God does exist, they would have to change their lives and this would be highly disruptive to the way they want to live.

It is no wonder the far left in this country single out Christians, especially evangelicals, as a group to be reckoned with. Not only because of their strength as a powerful voting bloc, but because their mere adherence to a moral code leaves the left uncomfortable with their own moral shortcomings. They are not offended by Christianity and its moral code, they are exposed by it. Christmas just reinforces this.

Katharine DeBrecht is an author of conservative children’s books and a mother of three.
Sure, Christmas has become way to commercialized and a lot of people don't even remember or at least pay heed to the reason it comes around every year.

But to try and ban the word 'Christmas', a nativity scene, or make the time of year so generic anyone is afraid to actually impart some Christmas cheer on someone else, really pisses me off.

So I vote you keep it up. Wish people a Merry Christmas. Throw in a Happy Hanukkah if you wish. Maybe even a Praise Allah if you're so inclined. Just don't forbid me from doing the same.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"So I vote you keep it up. Wish people a Merry Christmas. Throw in a Happy Hanukkah if you wish. Maybe even a Praise Allah if you're so inclined. Just don't forbid me from doing the same."
absoulutely. Celebrate rather than ban them all in the public. Give the thought police a day off. And wish them a Happy Christmas

curmudgeon said...

HappyQuanzAkuhGivingIstmasYear works too.

See - that's what libs can't seem to get through their head.
You just can't please everyone. So let's just all enjoy the season!

"All citizens will make merry under pain of death".

ps: Anyone who can tell me where that quote comes from ithout googling it wins a 'major award'.

curmudgeon said...

Update: Sorry. That quote should read: "All creatures will make merry... under pain of death."

Now THINK!!!

Scottsdale Girl said...

"My wang is over fourteen inches long--but, alas, nine or more of those inches
are folded into extraneous quantum dimensions and are inaccessible by most
average 4-dimensional people."

curmudgeon said...

Hmm. The resemblance is stunning.