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Friday, March 02, 2007

[cough] Bullshit [cough]

So I get an email yesterday from a blogger I used to frequent, but who writes so infrequently that I don't visit there much any more.

That's okay though, this blogger is a bit too hippy-liberal anyway. Every time this blogger stops by here, I get some flaming remark about my narrow mindedness or wrongedness.

Anyway, here is the email which was forwarded to XXXXXXX by someone else:
On March 21st, I'll hand-deliver your message to Washington when I testify at Congressional hearings on the climate crisis.

Can you commit to finding 10 friends to send a message to Congress demanding immediate action?

Ask them to visit:

Here is my reply:

I hope AlGore takes his phony phukking Oscar off his over sized mantle, caresses it gently with vaseline, and shoves it up his ass.
Then, I hope he strolls out of his oversized, fully electrified mansion to his oversized, polluting SUV and drives it to his private jet - which he is constantly flying around the country to promote his obsession - (whilst emitting even more of those hydrocarbons), and flies it straight to hell. Hopefully fully loaded with his DVDs.
I'll not deny the globe is warming. Big deal. Maybe it is warmer this year than last year.
But is it warmer then it was 1,000 years ago at this time? 10,000? 100,000?
No one knows. Did we cause it? Bullshit. One volcano eruption causes more shit to fly around than we mortals could cause in a hundred years or more.

I say fuck it. Let our children figure it out. They need a challenge anyway.



shoes said...

you conservative bastard i thought you were talking about me until i read further. lol

curmudgeon said...

Bah! As wrong as you think I am, I've never gotten one of those emails from you!