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Friday, March 16, 2007

Would That I Had Such A Problem

DEAR MARGO: With the subject of breast augmentation coming up so often in your column, I could use some input on a situation in our family. My husband has a brother with a live-in girlfriend. A few years ago, he confided in my husband that he just couldn't deal with her having small breasts, and at his urging, she was getting implants.

At the next family gathering, it was obvious that the procedure had, indeed, been done. As time went on, their investment in her chest apparently went unnoticed, so she began showing up at family events with less and less of her new assets covered.

At the family Thanksgiving this year, she showed up in a see-through black lace top. For Christmas, she wore a couple of strips of cloth for a shirt that barely covered the tips of her now enormous breasts.
Let me offer a little advice: Shut the fuck up and quit your whining. You're just jealous and there's no need to punish everyone else in the room because of your insecurities.

Start wearing less clothes yourself, and maybe even get up on the table so you can dance around and show things off a little. That'll put her in her place.


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