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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hmmm. I Wonder...

Iran seizes 15 British Navy personnel
18 minutes ago

BASRA, Iraq (Reuters) - Iranian forces seized 15 British Royal Navy personnel who had searched a merchant ship on Friday, Britain said, triggering a diplomatic crisis at a time of heightened tensions over Tehran's nuclear ambitions.
Since the Brits were in such a hurry to leave Iraq - withdraw their support for us over there - I wonder if they're maybe going to want a little support from us with Iran?



The Stormin Mormon said...

I'm furious about this one.

Tony Blair should be one the phone with Iran telling them that the bombers are fueling.

Where's Reagan when you need him?

Scottsdale Girl said...

Hey Mudge!
I am considering you a winner in my contest... see my post today.

curmudgeon said...

No shit. They should have already been on the way as far as I'm concerned.

Be right there!.

Erica said...

You know, I read that shit over at Big Dick's, and it pissed me the fuck off, but like...what the hell can we do about it [/rhetorical].

Here is my decidedly Brooklyn reaction to such a travesty.

Well, it's more along the lines of, if the Brits had any brains, they'd listen to this guy. Hopefully the Brits have as much respect for their soldiers as this guy has for Israeli soldiers.

Yo!, just sayin'.

curmudgeon said...

Totally with you there.

That dude cracks me up. Way too right.
I can't believe he hasn't had a heart attack yet though.