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Friday, March 16, 2007

Fuck Off Friday

Updated: Upon reflection, I thought this would be better expressed as a Fuck Off Friday. Especially since i haven't done one for a spell.

This has got to be the stupidest quote from the stupidest bunch of fucking stupid morons I have ever read:
"Concealed weapons are a threat, just like all other firearms in the community, ..."
I don't know about these idiots, but where I come from, you have to have a pretty good set of skills, and attend quite a truckload of education in order to be qualified to even apply for a CCW (Carry Concealed Weapon) permit.

The article starts out thus:
A while back we gave kudos to a South Dakota paper for putting the list of CCW permitholders in that state online and searchable– the public has a right to know who chooses to endanger their communities by carrying a concealed weapons.
They actually believe people who carry a concealed weapon LEGALLY are a danger to their little pussy asses.

NEWSFLASH! It's usually not good, honest, law-abiding citizens who commit crimes. And I guaran-fucking-tee that most CCW holders are not in that group.

So Gun Fearing Wussy Guys:

Fuck Off.

Like they say, "With friends like the Gun Pussies Guys, who needs enemies."

Hat tip: Dick.



The Stormin Mormon said...

Right on...

Getting my CCW was a royal PITA.

As I always say when asked about it, "I carry a gun legally because of all of the criminals who choose to carry one illegally."

curmudgeon said...

Exactly. Too bad more idiots don't realize that.