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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rocket Surgeons

Circumcision recommended to fight HIV

AP - Wed Mar 28, 5:54 PM ET Sent 225 times

GENEVA - U.N. health agencies recommended Wednesday that heterosexual men undergo circumcision because of "compelling" evidence that it can reduce their chances of contracting HIV by up to 60 percent.
I have a couple other suggestions for you on how to reduce AIDS:
  • Stop butt-fucking, and
  • Put down the needle, dumbass
Yeah, I know. It's not just fags and junkies who get AIDS. However, they are the ones more likely to have it, and if one has it, shouldn't he refrain from passing it along?

Should not the pitcher keep his dick tucked in his shorts rather than kill someone?
Shouldn't the catcher refrain from sticking his ass in the air to take a load of death sentence?

And you! Mr. or Mrs. Junkie; you want it that bad that you've decided to kill yourself for it?

As far as third or fourth world countries go, they're doomed. Helpless and hopeless. The only way they're going to get rid of the disease is to keep passing it along until they've killed each other off.
Enlightenment? More money? Naw. That ain't going to work. Not as long as their governments keep intercepting both.


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