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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Shitty Story

From FOXNews.com:Bulldozers Work to Clear Sewage From Streets of Gaza Town
UMM NASER VILLAGE, Gaza Strip — Dozens of bulldozers and trucks worked furiously Wednesday to shore up a network of sewage basins in northern Gaza, a day after the collapse of one basin flooded a village with waste and killed five people.
Most of the middle east is a big pile of shit anyway, now it's even worse.
Sure, I feel sorry for the innocents, but maybe if they spent a little more time building things properly instead of ass-up to Allah, or trying to convince other nations their "my god is better than your god", 'shit' like this wouldn't happen.


Deb said...

But what a shitty way to die.


I crack myself up.

curmudgeon said...

BWAH!!! You're as bad as the rest of us.