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Monday, March 26, 2007

Any Excuse

Iran says detained Britons well, location secret

24 minutes ago

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran says British sailors it detained are well but has not disclosed where they are being held, Britain said on Monday, as tension over their capture and Tehran's nuclear plans sent oil prices to a 2007 high.
Oh yes. A fucking camel trips and oil companies raise prices.
Habib farts and ... you guessed it. Up go the prices.

Give me a fucking break. Summer is on the way and oil prices are going to go up once again.
Even if those gawddam Iranian camel fuckers let the brits go, oil prices won't come down any, and it will still be dubya's fault.



Deni said...

Hey! Jackie just sent me your link...glad you agree with my rant! Here is my blog link....

Awesome to "meet" you...love your wife!

curmudgeon said...

Likewise Deni!
I'll be keeping tabs on you. I loved your rant.
In fact, I'm going to quote a truckload of it. Hope you don't mind.

The Stormin Mormon said...

Fucking hilarious...

Where are the bombs?

curmudgeon said...

Warm up the planes.