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Friday, October 20, 2006

Fuck Off Friday

In keeping with the tradition I started last week, here it is, another "Fuck Off Friday"!

So who or what deserves the prestigious finger this week?
Why, RAPPERS! Of Course!

If you by chance, have been following along in the comments, you'll know I had an anonymous commentor trying to convince me that rap all but eminated from the harps of angels. That it involved great deals of ingenuity [kack], creativity [right], and most of all talent [BWAAAHHHHH].

So - that rap, or hip-hop, or whatever the hell you want to call it, "music" (sort of like Kool-aid is Dom Perignon), gets the big "FUCK OFF"!
There is too much good music out there to listen to that nasty shit.


Anonymous said...

I guess you hate what you don't understand...so sad. :)

Rap is not hip-hop, and hip-hop is not rap. So you can understand more clearly...

Heavy metal is to rap, as punk is to hip-hop.

curmudgeon said...

Good gawd-a-mighty. Grow the fuck up, and give it a rest. You're not going to convince me hip-rap-hop-rip-rap-hip is worth listening to.

I don't necessarily understand the string theory, quantum physics or cold fusion either. But that doesn't mean I hate or even dislike them.

re: PS.
If it quacks like a duck and farts under water, it probably is a fucking duck.
And I'm guessing you're one of those people who think the shit they call punk nowdays really is punk. That shit is about as punk as Willie Nelson.

Anonymous said...

I was born in the 70s, I know what punk is and isn't. And like I said, I'm not trying to convince you of anything. I just thought you might want to add to your knowledge base of music this-n-thats. Rap is not hip-hop. File it away and thank me later chief.