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Monday, January 10, 2005

Brew update

The wheat stout has had a little time to mellow, and is now quite yummy. Dark, slight smokey flavor, smooth and quite drinkable.
The Tap-A-Draft went a little psycho on me though. For some reason it decided to release too much pressure at once, and the valve wouldn't stay shut. It wasted some brew by spraying it on my bench, table saw, floor, shirt, pants,... while I held the valve with one finger trying to grab my glass to get it under control.
But after the 'Taming of the TAD', all was well and I settled in to sup a cool glass and watch the Packers get their sorry asses served to them cold on an snowy platter. But no matter. I don't like either team. I do wish someone would have broken the fucking ankle of that goddamn popous, arrogant, fuck Randy Moss. Sent him to the hospital too. There's still hope.

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