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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Get Over It - Revisited

Another one from the 'Get Over It' department
Writer Urging Inauguration Day Boycott
"I view the inauguration of Bush as a black Thursday for this country," Livingstone says.
There you go. You've got your name in the headlines. I hope you feel better, you whiney-assed, leftist, tree-hugging, simpering fuck.
The way I see it, you have three choices here.
  • You can bitch, kicking and screaming and throwing back turning tantrums until the next election.
  • You can buy a ticket and leave the country with the rest of your idiot cohorts. I'll chip in for the fare.
  • You can stick around and support the man who was fairly elected by the majority of the population, and help him do the best job he can.
If you assholes would direct a little more of your whiney-ass energy toward helping our elected leaders rather than trying to shun them, they could all do a better job.

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