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Tuesday, January 25, 2005


This really chaffes my ass:
Radio Station Apologizes Over Tsunami Slur:
"The hip-hop and R&B station, known for its 'shock jocks,' apologized on its Web site, saying it, 'regrets the airing of material that made light of a serious and tragic event. We apologize to our listeners and anyone who was offended.'"
What sort of moron would do something like that?
"Station-owner Emmis Communications Corp. issued an apology and said the seven-person staff of the show has agreed to contribute one-week's pay each to tsunami-relief efforts."
An apology just doesn't quite cut it. We had a weather man at one of our local teevee stations get fired for saying "Martin Luther Coo...King Day". That doesn't hold a candle to the mindless, senseless, insensitive assholes who did this shit on the air, all in the name of ratings and popularity.
Fined one week's pay? That's it? The radio station should be fined quite heavily with the total sum going to tsunami relief or a suitable substitute.
They should be fired, and sentenced to one week of tsunami cleanup. Let them drag a couple bloated, rotting corpses out of the mud. Let them nurse a few patients at one of the local hospitals. Let them rebuild a couple 'homes' for some of the displaced people living in tents or in the streets.
Those fucks.

Update: And I don't care if it is a sattire. There are just some things you don't need to make money from.

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