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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

From The Land Of Fruits And Nuts

Once again, news from California:
San Francisco Bars Smoking in Its Parks:
"Legislators in San Francisco city voted to ban smoking in public parks on Tuesday, becoming the first major American city to embrace such an expansive ban on tobacco use."
First it was no smoking indoors. Fine. Non-smokers shouldn' have to breathe the smoke in a concentrated area, unless they're there of their own free will. Then it was no smoking outside near buildings. No smoking on beaches. Trying to get smoking banned in cars, and now no smoking in parks?
Now I don' advocate or condone smoking. If you want to smoke, fine. Do it. If you don't, then don't.
Just don't tell me whether I can or not, until tobacco becomes illegal, it's my decision.

Note: (They're there...their? I don't remember ever writing all three of those in one sentence before).

Update: Just as a reminder, smoking pole in the park is still legal.
Rather than chasing tabacco users with your nightstick though, why not consider tapping some vagrant on the noggin for pissing or shitting on the sidewalk? I personally would much rather smell cigarette smoke.

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