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Monday, January 24, 2005

So Just Avoid The Joints Within The City

Nevada Judge Throws Out Lap-Dance Law
"Friday's ruling affects only dancers within city limits. The Clark County Commission in 2002 limited touching between strippers and patrons during private lap dances, specifically barring strippers from touching or sitting on the customer's genital area"

This is ironic anyway. There is a lot of area in the Las Vegas proper located outside city limits. Which means of course, the city ordinances don't apply.
But the double-standard sucks. A patron can't touch them at all, and now they're trying to make it so the stripper can't touch the patron. Where's the fun in that? I mean an eyeful is nice, but a little touchy squeezy would be better. There are bouncers all over the place. A patron goes stupid and gets out of control on a stripper, he'll have bouncers on him like flies on shit.
The city shouldn't be wasting their time 'protecting' everyone. Just more government we don't need.

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